Offline Orders


Australian and New Zealand customers should not order from the site, if you want to order from my shop, contact me directly and we’ll make your order. If you order directly on our site and send funds by bitcoin, your order will be cancelled and you may loose your funds and you’ll be held reliable for that. The reason is because the prices on our site is not meant for AUS and NZ customers, we have been shipping there for a long time and have been doing drop shipping for pounds and kilos of coke and meth and we’re very well aware of the prices over-there so contact us directly to make your order, not on the site. We’ve done a lot of research for years and now we’re ready to supply the AUS and NZ Islands good quality, pure and uncut coke and meth. You can order pure stuff from us, then cut by yourself and make more money. You get the products same as we get it, middleman and no cuts.

We ship only crystal methamphetamine and Cocaine to Australia and New Zealand, if you’re looking to order any other products other than coke and meth, make sure it’s not being shipped to Australia and/or New Zealand